Email Marketing=Preferred Marketing

Some may argue email marketing is not effective. However, if done correctly, it can be one of the most effective tools of your marketing strategy. In fact, 77% of consumers prefer to be marketed to via email than any other marketing channel. As a business, are you utilizing this statistic?

Email marketing can be effective if done correctly.

Find out how to optimize your emails and keep them out of the spam folder!

What It Takes

Not only can it be effective, but email marketing is inexpensive as well. Marketing dollars are valuable, so why not utilize every penny? Email marketing is a great way to do just that. Emails can be sent to specific consumers, depending on their need. For example, if someone has expressed a need for website design via communication or online form, they can be added to an exclusive list of leads interested in website design. This keeps them from potentially receiving information that does not pertain to, or even interest them.

Additionally, the emails you send to your clients should be both useful and worthwhile. Someone wouldn’t open an email if they don’t consider it useful. Make your emails valuable in the eyes of the person receiving them. Not only will they associate your business with providing value, but you will create a sense of brand loyalty with them (without them even consciously realized it!) A vital component of an inbound marketing program is to attract leads to you, as opposed to you having to go out and attract them (think social media, online ads, blogs as opposed to media advertising, direct mail, etc.) So you may wonder, how is email marketing attracting business to me? Isn’t it more like me attempting to attract them? Not exactly. It is important for leads to “opt in” to your emails, choosing to receive your emails and providing you with their email information so you can do so. If you try to market to someone who has not provided their information, you could risk a negative brand reputation. Again, email marketing is effective if (and only if) it is done correctly.

Emails can be easily tracked for reporting purposes. This will help you know which emails are providing the most value to which customers. With this information, you can react instantly to modify your campaign, if necessary. This is important, especially as you are developing an email campaign. More than likely, you won’t know right off the bat what will work for your targeted clients. It may be a process of trial-and-error. But with the analytic programs and reporting systems available today, you will have no problem easily making revisions to your campaign.

Stay Out Of The Spam Folder

Email marketing campaigns are vital, especially in industries in which customer-firm relationships are of high value. And if we’re being honest, most industries consider client relationships to be valuable and profitable. Wondering what you can do to ensure your email gets opened AND stays out of the spam folder? Download our eBook, The Anatomy of a Five Star Email, by clicking HERE or on the image below.


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