Your potential patients are researching online. And what do they find? Do they find content that supports your practice? Be found with video advertising in the elective medical industry! And you’re in luck, Facebook has made it easy.

It will come as no surprise to you that we are a very image driven society, and Facebook is no exception. New to the Facebook advertising platform is video advertising, placing your brand “at the center of daily discovery.” Facebook video advertising is easy for anyone in the elective medical industry to use. After creating and uploading a video of your practice and the procedures you offer, follow the steps below to begin a video advertising campaign.

How To

Videos uploaded to Facebook can take up nearly the full screen in a mobile Newsfeed, appearing 11 times larger than off-site videos. Additionally, directly uploading videos as Facebook video ads deliver a seamless experience, not requiring the user to be directed to another site. Of course, there are some recommended video specifications such as certain format (MP4 is preferred), resolution (1080p or under), file size (up to 1 GB), and video length (less than 20 minutes). However, creating a video ad through Facebook is a very easy process:

1. Use the video views ad objective.

2. Upload your video.

3. Choose your thumbnail.

Facebook video advertising is a very smart marketing move for elective medical practices. This medium of advertising appeals to the visual nature of our society, as well as the platform most widely used. Your potential patients are researching the procedures they’re considering online. Make sure they find YOU and build the credibility to make the choose YOU. Need help getting started? That’s what we’re here for! Fill out the form below and have someone contact you at your convenience.

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