Price Or Trust?

What mostly comes into play when a customer decides to buy or not buy? Price? Think again. The answer we’re looking for here is trust. If a customer doesn’t trust a brand, all the discounts in the world won’t change their minds.

Trust Leads To Loyalty

An example of this can be explained by describing my process of choosing over-the-counter medicine when I’m not feeling my best. Yes, the store brand is composed of the exact same ingredients, but I will pay the extra money to purchase trustworthy brand name product. I choose the brand I trust, and I choose them every time.

Do More Than Just Exist

A first time customer isn’t going to buy your product or use your service just because it’s there. You have to earn their business. How do you do that? Be seen. Okay so how do you do that? It’s well known as inbound marketing. Through interactive social media, eye-catching online advertisements and informative content on your site, those potential customers will come straight to you.

Give Them A Reason To Choose You

Don’t lose customers to the competition. Give them a reason to choose you. Cultivate customer trust by showing off testimonials and five-star reviews from current customers. Let customers see that others trust you…they’ll convert in no time.

Take Care Of Current Customers

You know what really upsets me as a customer? When I see that new customers get better deals than what I currently have. It’s SO important to foster and take care of the relationship with your current customers. Dependable customer service goes a long way and builds trust quickly.

Let's Do A Trust Exercise

Go Ahead...Fall Into Marketing You Can Count On

I hope these tips have helped you see what it takes to earn and keep customer trust. SDB Creative Group is a company you can trust. We value each and every one of our clients and do everything we can to earn and keep their trust in us. Let us help you gain new customers and maintain their loyalty. Click to talk to an expert today!



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