Next up, question number 3 of our weeklong “Marketing Questions” series! We’ve asked “What is marketing?” and “What makes up marketing?” in an attempt to better understand your perception of what we do. So, on to question number 3…

Does Marketing Work?

When we asked our “subject” (for lack of a better word) this question, her answer was simple (and basically accurate):

“Yeah, I believe so. I mean, I guess that depends if it’s done right or not.”

Like we said, basically accurate.

Like most things, there is most definitely and right and wrong way to “do” marketing/advertising. At SDB, we are in the business of implementing marketing strategies the right way. This means creating a marketing plan, specific to the needs of your business (and the desires of your customers) and making sure it is implemented correctly and consistently.

Does Marketing Work?

Only if done right! Let us help.

We make sure your marketing is relevant to your target customers, in a way that gains their attention. Whether that is through a blog or video production, we take care of it for you. We’re full service, meaning we do it all…

…but no matter what we do for you, we make sure you look good. Really good. It’s part of doing marketing the “right” way.

Because let’s face it, we don’t look good unless you look good.

If you’re still wondering if marketing actually works or not, we would be more than happy to present case studies and show you various examples of how marketing/advertising (when done the right way) has worked for our clients.

We’d love to get you on the path to marketing that works. To get more information, call us or submit the form above!

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