This week, we talked about “create your own” website companies and how they’re all schemes to take your money.

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Unfortunately, website design is not the only marketing aspect people try to take into their own hands.

Take social media for example, people decide that they want their business to be on Facebook (kudos). They think, oh, I have a Facebook profile! I can run one for my business. Well, it doesn’t exactly work the same (and unfortunately, people don’t realize that until they’re halfway in). So they create their business Facebook page, and don’t have the time to post to it. So, basically it’s just an empty Facebook page taking up space (which is worse than not having a Facebook page at all).

Just DON'T Do It...

Trust the pros.

Or online ads…people read an article on Google AdWords and think, oh this is easy! I can do it myself. They start in on the process and get thrown off by ad optimization, schedule, placement, display, search, all that fun stuff. Instead of just giving up and consulting a professional, they put some money in and just hope that it works. And when it doesn’t, they say marketing is a waste of time and “doesn’t work.”

Don’t let our “do it yourself” society screw up your marketing. Bud don’t worry, we have advice that will help…but you have to wait until tomorrow to find out! Stay tuned!

In the meantime, if you want marketing help, we won’t make you wait for that. Contact us by calling 432-218-6736 or submitting the form above!

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