Digital marketing is everywhere you look…

Phones are buzzing, people are chatting, keyboards are clicking…

Our society is consumed by technology. Especially our mobile devices (phones, laptops, tablets, etc.) In the marketing world, we see this consumption as an opportunity. An opportunity we call digital marketing.

We’ve told you a little bit this week about marketing on digital forums. If you’ve missed any, catch up HERE.

Today, we’re telling you WHERE digital marketing happens, which is a vital part of its overall effectiveness…

Digital marketing is literally everywhere you are. If you have your phone in your pocket, or a computer/tablet screen in front of your face, you are subject to digital marketing. As a person trying to market your business, that is great news. Essentially, mobile is a new marketing medium and digital marketing is the “new” marketing.

Digital Marketing...

It's Everywhere!

So, to answer the question “where does digital marketing happen?” Everywhere. That’s why it’s such a huge opportunity for you! It’s where your customers are. It’s where you should be, too.

In yesterday’s blog, we told you that you can essentially use digital marketing to reach your customers any time of day. Today we’re telling you that you can use digital marketing anywhere their mobile device is (and let’s face it, who leaves the house without their phone?). Basically, we’re telling you that marketing digitally works any time, any where.

It doesn’t get any better than that.

If we haven’t convinced you that marketing digitally is the way to expose your business, we still have one more chance…tomorrow, we’ll be wrapping up our series with “why digital marketing?”.

However, if you’ve already made the decision that your marketing is going to take a turn to digital, you can contact us by submitting the form above! We’d love to talk more with you and begin an effective marketing strategy.

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