What I’m about to say won’t come as a surprise to you. Patients are researching for plastic surgery procedures online. They no longer have to come directly to you for information. They can find it online. And if you aren’t providing them with that information, then someone else will. Find out how you can use digital marketing for plastic surgeons through blogging!

Blogging Simplified

Blogging can be kind of an off-putting word, so let’s simplify it. A blog is basically an article that an online visitor can find on your website. The blog has a specific link that you can share via email, social media, etc. The more blogs you have, the more indexed pages your website has, and the more chance you have to show up in search engine results when your potential patients are “googling” you.

First, you need to come up with blog content. Think like a potential patient. What are their questions? What are their concerns? For example, when patients come in for an initial consultation, you ALWAYS get the question of “What’s the risk?” So, why not develop a blog series called “What’s The Risk?” and write about the risk of certain procedures. Title the blog specific to the procedure you’ll be covering. For example, “What’s The Risk Of Having Liposuction?” This way, when someone types “what’s the risk of having liposuction” into their Google search bar, you have a better chance of your blog article being found. Once you’re found, the person is directed to your website and you build the credibility necessary for that person to choose you for their next procedure.

Be Found

In order to be found and to appear on the first page of search engine results, you must optimize your blog content according to keywords and search engine optimization. But don’t worry! We can help with that too! Take a look at the other blogs we have on digital marketing for plastic surgeons. Or, fill out the form below to have someone contact you to help you get started. We’re happy to help!

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