I’ve been inspired.

I think you’d call this inspiration anyways…

I just got out of a meeting where we discussed digital marketing. We were trying to figure out how to convince a specific person that digital marketing was the “new” way to market their business.

Then the lightbulb came on…

In order for someone to be convinced that digital marketing is the marketing they need, they need to be given the general details (who, what, when, where, and why) to fully grasp the fact that digital marketing is marketing that will work for their business.

So, I ask that you read this week’s blog series with an open mind and let me present you with some facts. By the end, I can assure you that you will understand our reasoning behind digital marketing and how it can work for you.

Let’s go!

Digital Marketing Is For Who?


1. Who?

First, let’s begin with the following question:

Who does digital marketing target?”

That is one of the best things about digital marketing. It essentially targets anyone. Whether you want to accept it or not, our society is “on demand.” We don’t wait for the “Local On The 8s,” we don’t watch commercials, we don’t make phone calls to order pizza…the list goes on and on. After all, “we have apps for that!

So, that being said, you can use digital marketing to target your audience (specific to your business) in a way that fits their lifestyle. If people are using apps to check the weather or order pizza, don’t you see an opportunity to advertise on those apps? You see, you have to go where your audience is. If your audience is on their mobile devices, that’s where you need to be too.

Makes sense, doesn’t it?

See, I told you having an open mind would lead to a better understanding!

But we aren’t done yet…stay tuned for the rest of this week’s series! In the meantime, you can contact us by submitting the form above!

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