One of my mother’s friends said, “Oh dear, everyone has “squirrellys” in their family!” I laughed and went on with my day, but when my family does something funny, I must laugh at their “squirrelliness”. I am sure this Thanksgiving will be no different and am very aware of the contribution to squirrelly that my immediate family makes each year. I have no judgement on the squirrelliness level of others. Matter of fact, I think it is what makes families so fun! So, in honor of my family’s squirrelly lives, I will post some top 5 squirrelly moments at the holidays!

1. The time we didn’t have a turkey because everyone thought the other was bringing the turkey. Positive note, we had 3 bowls of mashed potatoes!

2. The next year when we had instant potatoes because no one remembered the potatoes.

3. An uncle telling us he shot the a dog because it was disturbing the neighbors. Um…pass the butter?

4. My cousin’s girlfriend saying she may know who shot Midland’s former mayor, because all her relatives are in prison in the town where he was shot.

5. In collage, I ate Thanksgiving at a friend’s house, and they ate on paper plates in front of the TV, so they could watch football, of course, and no one said a word…. for 4 hours….no judging…well maybe a little.

There are more, but I love my family too much to post them. The point is that I could write a thousand blogs on holiday memories that I will cherish forever. Here are my top picks from the cherished memories collection:

1. Original plays written by my cousins and presented to the family after dinner.

2. Being the youngest and knowing that I would always be at the ‘kid’s table’.

3. The beautiful table my mother in law sets each year.

4. Aunt Nancy’s glorious pies

5. Seeing Shane’s uncle leave and harvest a field after Thanksgiving lunch, while I took a long turkey induced nap. I learned so much about the American farmer from this man! He’s work ethic is remarkable.

6. My family taking a deep breath and being together!

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