Glancing in to our magical marketing crystal ball and what do we see? 3 predictions for digital marketing in 2015! Check them out.

  1. Advertising on wearable technology-We know you’ve seen it, the Apple Watch, Nike Fit Bit, Google Glasses (and who knows what else will pop on the market in 2015!) Advertisers are great about utilizing these opportunities as new advertising mediums. So, expect to soon see advertisements and other various marketing messages on these wearable technology devices!
  2. Social Advertising-Yep, you guessed it. Social network advertising isn’t going anywhere. From Twitter, to Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, and Pinterest (yes, even Pinterest is Open for business when it comes to advertising), social advertising will only continue to grow. Facebook already made some changes to their privacy policy, allowing users to customize the ads they see. LinkedIn is anticipated to optimize its’ ad platform as well. And yes, even Pinterest has given in to the ad craze, however, they are only selling ad space to the big spenders right now.
  3. Lights, Camera, Action!-Video advertising is on the rise, folks. These days, people would rather watch a video (nothing over 2 minutes, please!) than read an article to get a message. So what does that mean for business owners? Utilize video advertising! Make a video of your products or services and make it fun! The key to video advertising is making your video something people WANT to watch. After you’ve created and uploaded a video, publish it to social media and use it as part of a social advertising platform! (Learn how to do this is our blog, Be Discovered With Video Advertising).

Digital Marketing Is Here To Stay

There you have it, 3 digital marketing predictions for 2015. Something we can definitely count on? Digital marketing isn’t going away. It’s only going to continue to grow and be more and more prominent in the world of marketing and advertising. So what does that mean for you? Hop on the bandwagon and begin marketing digitally for your business. Need help getting started? We’d be happy to help! Submit the form below and have one of our marketing specialists contact you at your convenience.

Hope your 2015 is off to an amazing start!

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