I’m a kid from the 80s.  We had kick ass toys then.  It was so disappointing buying toys as a parent.  They just don’t make them like they used to.  I’m going to tell you the story of a Christmas morning, when Santa introduced me to Hot Wheels Criss Cross Crash.

You can still buy one, but only battery operated.  The version I had used a hand crank for power.  It had a whining noise that started low as you turned the wheel, and then increased in volume and pitch as did the speed of the cars racing around the track.

The full set of Hot Wheels cars had to be tested on the track.  Which one was the fastest?  Soon that question did not matter though.  The real question was what combination of Hot Wheels cars provides the most violent collision?

It quickly became apparent that no vehicle was a match for the Greyhound bus.  The devastating impact it had against the other cars was impressive.  I would get the crank going as fast as I could, and then launch a car through, completing one lap before being shot through again.  Next, I would perfectly time the launch of the bus for a perfect crash.  The cars with parts that popped up had magnificent defeats against the Greyhound over and over.

I don’t know how many Criss Cross Crash sets I went through as a kid.  I bet it was at least 3.  Most weekends my friends and I would have blisters on our fingers from working the crank so much.  Those days came to an end when Hot Wheels turned it into a battery operated game.  The fun was over then.  The physical connection was lost.  I might still be playing it today if it still had a hand crank.

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