The Power of Video

Video is an extremely powerful media. It is without a doubt the number one media to use to communicate with an audience. You have probably asked the question to yourself, “How can I make a video go viral?” A viral video is the envy of nearly every business owner. Maybe you will get lucky and have one, but in reality you probably have a better chance at being struck by lightning. Focus your efforts on creating a quality produced videos that clearly communicate your message and desired outcomes. This guide will help you do just that.

1. Hire a professional production company or agency.

You may have just read the previous line and said to yourself, “Forget it. I’m looking for something I can use to make on my own.” Read a little further before you try that. There is a tremendous expense required to produce high quality video. Special camera, lighting, sound equipment, video editing hardware and software, and hundreds of hours of training and experience are what you are getting with a professional company. If you bought the right equipment and software on your own, you are easily going to spend over $10,000. Then you will have to figure out how to use all of that. Save yourself the time and headache. Most videos produced by professionals are well under $10,000.

An additional benefit offered by professionals is their creative insight into your project. They possess a wealth of knowledge and can provide ideas and insight that you may not have thought about. Hire a professional. You will be glad you did.

2. Have a clear goal for the video

Know exactly what you want your video(s) to accomplish for you. Is it to create brand awareness? Are you trying to impress a board of directors at an event? Are you looking to strike fear into the competition? Is it to provide high quality training for employees? If you clearly define the purpose of your video first, you will have a solid foundation to start with.

3. Know your audience.

Know your audience. Know your audience. Know your audience. This is critical. It’s a good idea to remind yourself when planning that your audience is NOT YOU. The single, greatest mistake companies make when producing video is this: They make the video about them, not their audience. You may have the greatest customer service and products in the world, but the truth is that your audience could care less about it. Your audience cares about what they are doing, and what is going on in their life. If you spend your time beating your chest and talking about how great you are, you’ll lose their interest fast.

Develop the creative message based from your audience’s point of view. What is their lifestyle like? What do they care about? What motivates them? Make it all about them.

4. Keep the message simple

The second biggest mistake made in producing video, especially commercials, is trying to put way too much information in them. Give them the headline, and then a few details. If they want to know everything you do, they can get it from your website. This is the shortest section of this e book. We’re keeping it simple so you will remember it.

5. Make it easy to find out more

This is more important with commercials. It is pointless to put your phone number in your commercial, unless it is a vanity number. No one watches video with a pad and pen anxiously waiting for contact information. There is a good chance though that if they like what you are offering, they will pull up your website, Facebook page or Twitter feed to learn more. Side note: Make sure your website and social media are in good shape before running a video. An easy to remember URL given in your video will go a long way in helping people find you after they have seen it.

Test how both your website and social media pages show up when you search your company name and your business category. We produced a video for a tile company who claimed a competitor had been sending him business for over a year because his competitor’s website didn’t display in search listings correctly. People would see Company A’s commercial, search a few days or weeks later for information, and never call Company A, because Company B had a website presence while Company A did not. Thousands of dollars flushed down the toilet by Company A.

6. Location and Props

This is where having a script comes in handy. When reading through the script visualize the video and audio coming together. See the scene in your mind. Does it portray everything you want it to? Where is it? What is in the background? What are subjects in the video wearing? Think about everything you will need for your video to look authentic. You will probably have to purchase or borrow some props. Fake trees are a personal favorite of the SDB staff.

Scout the location in advance of shooting the video. Take some still photos so you can see how it will look. Full preparation on your location and props significantly decreases the likelihood of having to re-shoot parts or all of your video.

One final recommendation in conclusion.

If you produce the video, and it is not good, don’t show it. It is better not to be seen than to create the wrong perception. Best of luck, and when you need help, SDB is just a call or click away.

Ready to start some video planning? Start by downloading our Video Script Template. Click HERE or on the image below!

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