Content Creation And Blogging 2017-04-17T20:07:56+00:00
Ahhh, two of our favorite things at SDB Creative Group…content creation and blogging! But why are these two things important to your online marketing? Content creation and blogging affect the health of your website. By publishing fresh, relevant content to your website, you are showing Google that your website is consistently updated with new content for Google searchers. What does this mean for you? Higher search engine results!


Take your own health for example. Let’s you’re looking to lose 10 pounds. You cut all junk food from your diet and replace it with lean meats, fruits, and vegetables. After a few of months of making this change, you’re happy to find out that you’ve lost the 10 pounds you wanted to lose! So, now that it’s gone, you go back to your old eating habits, eating junk and never touching a vegetable. I mean, you’ve already lost the weight, right?
Quite the contrary, correct? You can’t expect to keep those 10 pounds off by returning to bad eating habits. Pretty soon, you’ll see you’re right back where you started. Instead, you should continue your healthy lifestyle to keep the weight off and maybe even lose more!


This is similar to your search engine results. You can’t be diligent about creating an awesome website and then just ditch the work and forget about it entirely. (Not if you want it to rank in search engine results anyways!)
In order for your website to be the lead generating, business building tool you want it to be, you have to feed it with the right fuel. In this case, that fuel is content creation and blogging.


So how can you use content creation and blogging to increase your search engine results? It’s all about publishing blogs, videos, and pages on your website that are not only relevant to the searches of your customer, but also optimized in a way that attracts Google. This takes some research to determine what exactly your customers are searching and then creating the content they want to see.


Through content creation and blogging, you can increase your search engine results, but you will also be seen as a resource for your searchers! This will ultimately lead to a sense of trust that will make your customers choose you when they need your product or service!


Who says you have to do all that work yourself? You’re a business owner…you don’t have time for content creation and blogging. That’s why we’re here. We have the knowledge and expertise it takes to achieve higher rankings and build the credibility of your business. Let’s talk today!