Yesterday, I left off telling you about keyword research and why it’s vital to your SEO. After all, you strive to serve your customers, right? And what better way to do that than to cater to what they’re searching?

How To Conduct Keyword Research

There are various ways to conduct keyword research and most marketers think they have the “best” way. The truth is, however, the “best” way is what works for you. You won’t conduct keyword research if you don’t understand the tool you’re using. But this takes practice. You don’t know which tool is your favorite if you don’t try a few first. But a huge key is this:

Use a keyword research tool.

So many people would say, “well, my industry is fitness. So my ‘keyword research’ is ‘fitness,’ ‘how to be fit,’ ‘lose weight,’ ‘eating healthy,’ etc.

You would more than likely be right. Your keywords would certainly contain those words and phrases. However, that’s not all. Your opportunity to get ahead of your competition may lay in a keyword or key phrase set that you would never think of; there may be people out there searching for something you do, but you didn’t know to advertise that part of your business. It wouldn’t be the first time a customer surprised you, right?

Leave The Research To Us!

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That’s why it’s vital to conduct keyword research (with a tool) and organize it in a way that you understand. Personally, my top picks for keyword research tools are as follows:

  1. Google’s Keyword Planner Tool (why not use the giant themselves to conduct your research?)
  2. Moz Keyword Explorer
  3. Wordtracker’s Free Basic Keyword Demand

When To Conduct Keyword Research

Ideally, you would do keyword research before you begin an online marketing plan. It is the most effective way to drive website traffic. However, sometimes, it doesn’t work out that way and you’re a little late to the party. That’s okay, it’s not too late! You can implement keyword research into your current website/content without doing a complete overhaul. But first, you must use the tool and organize the keywords you want to rank for. From there, you’ll want to meet with your website developer and strategically place your keywords where they’ll have the most power on your site!

Not So Fast

Whoa whoa whoa. Keyword research is not as simple as you may think. While of course, you are fully capable of doing it yourself, make it easy and contact the professionals at SDB. We’ll not only do the research, but we’ll create the content and implement the changes. First page…here you come!

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