Well almost.

The ways of getting around cities is a thing of the past. Waiting outside with your hand in the air hoping to grab the next yellow car driving by is history. Welcome Uber. A smartphone friendly cab company letting you know their exact location and time of arrival in a vehicle if your choice. Once you enter the Uber vehicle you are greeted by a friendly driver who then takes you to your destination. It’s a simple idea that has taken off all over the country being used by Americans both young and old.

But wait there’s more! Uber meet Spodify. An interactive music smartphone app that lets you play your favorite music while syncing to your Uber’s stereo. All without using a cent of your data! Genius.

So what do we have to look forward to as a company, as a marketing firm? Hello creative Spotify ads. Reaching your target market as their scrolling through their phone to the next destination. A little snippet of you here, a little there. You’re not invading them, you reminding them of your company. Maybe even getting them to stop by your store along the way.

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