What We Can Learn From Google’s Company Culture 

Ever seen the movie The Internship? In this film, two salesmen join the Google internship team, and we get a little peek of what it’s like to work for the world’s largest search engine. Google is well known for their laid back working environment that promotes creativity and innovation. What can we learn from this company culture? First, let’s take a look at some of the employee perks and how it affects their daily activities.

A Day In The Life: A Google Employee

I don’t know about you, but breakfast is normally something I grab on my way out of the door or I have a cup of coffee and call it good. Not at Google. Employees are offered healthy and varying GOURMET breakfast. Not just breakfast, but lunch AND dinner if they stay late…and it’s free. In addition, the campuses are covered in juice bars and coffee shops.

It’s been said that food is fuel. Google seems to agree and they want to make sure their workers are well fed and ready to go. Not only that, but when employees have the opportunity to eat together, they develop relationships among colleagues and may spark some ideas on the latest project going on!

Dogs Welcome

Work doesn’t seem as “ruff” with your furry friend by your side. At Google, dogs are welcome! According to inc.com, a former Googler said bringing his dog to work kept his energy up, and uplifted the spirits of fellow coworkers. This also alleviates employees leaving the office for long periods of time to let their pets out of the house, etc.

All Aboard! 

Google employees at the Mountain View campus can enjoy a complimentary company bus ride to and from work! Equipped with WiFi, employees are completely connected on their trek to the office!

A Little To The Left…

If you’re a Google employee and you just killed it on a project, you may be given a massage credit! What’s this you ask? Exactly what it sounds like. A free hour-long massage ON CAMPUS.


Keep Your Employees Happy

Google employees have some sweet perks…and it seems to be working! Google is extremely powerful and innovative, thanks to its happy and well fed employees. Now, let’s not overreact here. I’m not saying to allow dogs to run in your office or to hire a personal office chef. My point is, happy employees are successful employees, and this leads to a successful company. A ping pong table or a weekly team activity wouldn’t break the bank and may have a drastic effect on your company culture!

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