We’ve all seen them. Bad commercials.

Unfortunately, bad commercials take innocent small business owners as victims all the time. These business owners try to do the right thing by using video/commercial production to advertise their business, but they hire the wrong person to produce the commercial.

What are some characteristics of a bad commercial? We’re glad you asked!

  • Poor quality video/audio
  • A message that is ALL about the business
  • Footage that doesn’t engage an audience
  • Wrong demographic (hearing aid commercials on American Idol?)

NOT What You Want

Those are just some of the many. Unfortunately, a bad commercial can have the entire opposite effect of your original intention of advertising your business. Sure, you’ll get some “advertising,” but it’s NOT what you want. Believe us.

What You Want

A bad commercial sends a bad message. Even something as seemingly minor as fuzzy video can create a negative connotation for a consumer. However, an awesome commercial gets you exactly what you want. A commercial that captures your audience with crisp imagery and an appealing message engages a consumer and helps them remember YOU next time they need your services. It’s all about creating a (positive) top-of-the-mind awareness.

What message are you sending with your marketing and advertising? If you have placed a commercial that features nothing but you talking or if it’s on a channel with a demographic much younger (or older) than your target consumer, you may be sending the wrong message. But wait! There’s good news. (lame commercial reference)

Only The Best

At SDB, we develop the content for a quality commercial, taking into account your business objective and your target consumer. We use only the best technology and talent to produce your commercial and place it on the channels that will get you the best return. Ready to get started on producing a commercial that will benefit your business? Fill out the form below and we’ll contact you!

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