Let’s all be honest here, cold calling might as well be the next door to door sales. Whether you’re the business owner taking the call or the person on the other line, rejection is never fun. So what makes a cold call worthwhile? How do you have a successful cold call? How can you keep them on the phone for more than a minute? Just like the “Golden Rule” in life; sometimes it’s hard to remember the small stuff. Below are a few tips to remind yourself of before ever picking up the phone:

The Cold Call

Make your next cold call successful

Be Confident
Nothing is more important than going into a phone call with confidence. The person on the other line can read your energy, so confidence is key. If you do happen to stumble, take a second and find some common ground with the other line. And if all else fails and the inevitable happens (they hang up), reflect on why they hung up in order to improve your future sales calls.

Listen to what they have to say. You may know everything you need to say but by listening you might be able to find needs that you did not know existed.

Be Yourself
A sales call is a sales call. Be yourself and the participant will enjoy you for being genuine. Speak a normal speed. Too fast makes you seem nervous. Speak too slow may make them lost interest.

Be Respectful
A little southern mannerism never hurts.

Know Who to Ask for
This is one of the most important rules with sales calls. They are more likely to deny you if you do not know their name. Do the research and find the name for the decision maker otherwise you might be wasting your time and theirs.

They need you; they just don’t know it yet, so make an effort to get to know them. Always do your research on their company before you give them a call. Make the conversation about them, ask them questions, ask them how you can help. The world is a selfish place, let them talk about themselves. Remember that they get a million of these calls a day, but you are different from the rest, and they need you. You just have to figure out why.

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