One of my granny’s favorite sayings was, “a closed mouth don’t get fed.” She was a big believer in asking for what you wanted. She believed most people didn’t ask for enough.

I see this often in social media campaigns where people put great work into creating engaging content that gets tons of Likes and retweets and shares. They think their job is finished, never realizing they’ve missed a golden opportunity to connect with their visitors and begin the process of real “engagement.”

Give them an offer they can’t resist

A blog without a “call-to-action” or CTA is a waste of time in terms of building an effective inbound marketing campaign. If someone likes your content enough to read it to the end, that is an expression of interest in your topic. Don’t be shy. End that interesting blog with a CTA that will take the reader to a landing page containing an offer that is relevant to the conversation.

The offer comes at a price of course – a tiny bit of contact information is all. If your offer is perceived as valuable enough by the reader, they’ll pay the toll.

Now you’ve converted a visitor into a lead with which you can establish a two-way dialogue. They may not be ready to buy now, but the better you are at maintaining that connection, the better chance you have of being at the top of their mind when they are ready to buy.

Open your mouth!

Open your mouth!

Give your readers an offer they can’t resist!

Gather information gradually as you build the relationship. The type of contact information you ask for should be based on where you are in the relationship. Maybe the first time you get them to a landing page you ask for a name and an email address. This is useful for making more content available to your visitor-turned-lead. Next time you might gather a phone number or company URL, or some piece of demographic information that helps you to tailor the conversation.

That’s what producing all this content is about. Don’t squander good content – open your mouth!

SDB Creative Group has deep roots in traditional advertising and marketing, but we are moving aggressively into inbound marketing. Why? Because traditional advertising and marketing is broken, and inbound is the fix. There exists no more effective way to build brand and customer base. So take it from experts – it’s worth it to begin this journey and stay the course. If you don’t, your competitors will.

Try it out!

Why not try out an inbound marketing plan and provide offers that intrigue your readers? This intrigue may just turn into sales revenue! Start HERE by downloading our checklist for implementing an inbound program.

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