Now What?

Your elective medical practice has been found online and this possible patient is now coming in for a consultation. Now what? Convince them to choose you for their elective procedure.

Consultation-The person you are consulting with is obviously interested in the elective procedure you offer if they have made the time to meet with you. Be sure you make time for them! Ensure you have plenty of time to get to know them, their motivation behind wanting the procedure, their expectations, and most importantly, answer their questions. Make the majority of the initial consultation about them and fight the temptation to overly sell yourself. After understanding the person you are consulting with, tell them about you and why they should choose you to perform their elective procedure.

Website-Having a content-rich, helpful, user-friendly website will not only help you be found online but it will also help potential patients choose you for their elective procedure. Your website is your showcase. Display before/after pictures, testimonials, procedure information, credentials, etc. Pull your website up during the consultation and be sure the person you’re consulting with knows how to access it for future reference. In addition, include your website URL on your business cards, promotional materials, email signature, etc. Make your website work for you!

Follow Up-Last, but certainly not least, follow up! This can be done in a variety of ways. Add the person you consulted with to a specific email list, made just for “leads” or “consultations.” Send this list content specific to their interests, additional procedure information, testimonial stories, financing information, etc. Another way to follow up is with a hand written letter or a personal phone call. That personal touch goes a long way, especially from a doctor.

Key Points:

  • Fight the temptation to make the initial consultation all about you. Focus the consultation on the potential patient’s motivation, expectations, and answer their questions.
  • Utilize your website as a reference for the people you consult with.
  • Follow up is critical, and a personal touch goes a long way.
  • Remember, just because a person may not be ready for an elective procedure right away does not mean they will never be. Keep supplying helpful, relevant, interesting content, specific to their needs/interests.

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