How Image Content Can Make Or Break Your Readers’ Interest

When I write a blog, I begin by thinking of a topic that is relevant to the readers, and I begin typing away. At the end of every blog, my mind begins to wander on which image I should use to complete my masterpiece. A huge, maybe even most important element of a blog is the [...]

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Content Cleanup

Content Cleanup Ahhh, spring cleaning. First of all, let me just say, weren't we just celebrating New Years? Now it's time to "spring forward??" Anyways, typically, when you hear "spring cleaning," of course you think of household chores (garage organization, scrubbing grout lines, cleaning out the fridge....). However, spring cleaning should not be limited to [...]

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Ask Amanda: Are Graphics Golden Or Generic?

Dear Amanda, What is the deal with all of this visual content I've been seeing? I have a lot of great information to share, but it's too complicated to explain in just a few words or pictures. I feel like I'm missing the boat. Signed, Graphically Challenged Dear Challenged, First and foremost: I must publicly [...]