New Emojis Make A Splash

New Emojis Make A Splash This Summer 69 new emojis are making a splash this summer as they’re scheduled for release next month. In this collection you’ll find gender-neutral characters, a woman in a headscarf and even a T-Rex to name a few. Just to give you an idea of what a big deal emojis are [...]

SDB Tech Tips: Digital Marketing

This week's tech tips may have made you think…"wow, our world has changed hasn't it?" I mean, think about it. If I had told you 10 years ago that you would be reading about iPhone hacks, or how to choose an Internet browser, or even what tech gadgets you must have online, you would think I had [...]

SDB Tech Tips: Must-Have Gadgets

Consider yourself a "techie?" Yeah, I did too before researching must-have tech gadgets. And no, this isn't a review of the latest iPhone or Apple Watch. Take a look at the list below and let us know what you like best! The IPhone 5 Pocket Prong Case - $99.95 Gone are the days you have [...]

SDB Tech Tips: Choosing A Browser

This week, we're bringing you a variety of "tech tips," from life changing apps and iPhone hacks to, well, today's blog on choosing a browser! Do you know the difference between Chrome and Safari? What about Internet Explorer and Firefox? Yeah, me either. Up until writing this blog, I considered them all one in the [...]

SDB Tech Tips: iPhone Hacks

Yesterday, we talked about some life changing smartphone apps. Today, in continuation of our "Tech Tips" series, we are giving you some insightful iPhone hacks that even the most "techie" of us didn't know! Check 'em out! Quick Charge In a bind and need your phone charged quickly? Switch it into airplane mode! The battery [...]

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2016 Consumer Electronic Show

If you've been online lately (who hasn't?) you know that the 2016 Consumer Electronic Show began yesterday. Early press events have established 3 categories: smart cars, accessories, laptops and wearables. It won't come as a shock to you that all of these gadgets have one thing in common: "The Internet of things." Check out this [...]

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A Match Made In Technology

Without a doubt, technology has changed the way we communicate. Wouldn't you agree? Think about it. Social media has allowed us to connect with people you wouldn't have otherwise. It has given you the opportunity to keep in touch with friends and family both near and afar. A quick Snapchat, mention, comment or post can [...]

10 Ways the Internet Will Change the Way We Live In The Future

1. Self-driving cars: yes it is already being inventing, but image everyone having one! Enjoy a relaxing road trip or check your phone while on the road because cars are well on their way to driving themselves. You can look forward to no more tickets for speeding and running stop signs because you have technology [...]

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The Websites of the Future Building Themselves

What can we expect from websites of the future? More than you think. As you already know, or as we hope you know. The website for your company, your hobby, or your little special corner of the Internet is key to doing business these days. People are using search engines to find what they need [...]

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