How To Handle Bad Reviews

If you're anything like me, you check out online reviews before you purchase something or do business with a company. If the rating is anything under 4 stars, I'm just not interested. However, online reviews aren't always easy to get…even if you do good business! Let's face it, people these days are busy and asking [...]

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The Power Of Reviews, Part 3

After publishing Part 1 and Part 2 of this blog series, you probably have a pretty good understanding about the power of reviews. In today's wrap-up, we're going to focus on how you should approach reviews from a business standpoint. We want you to look at them not as the reviewer...but the reviewee. The Good, [...]

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The Power Of Reviews, Part 2

It's a (not quite) 20-question Monday! Did you go to a movie, go out to eat, try a new attraction? If you did something fun, did you write a review? If you did, it's critical to write a quality one. Do you know how to write a great review? Today's blog is all about the [...]

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The Power Of Reviews, Part 1

I'm kind of a big deal. Or at least I am according to TripAdvisor. I was the #1 reviewer in Midland for 2015. Granted, I won't win any awards but that little email gave me about 30 seconds of introverted fame. However, the whole thing got me thinking (scary!) about the power of reviews. And once [...]

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