It’s about time your smartphone starts making you money! If they’re attached to your hand anyways, why not put it to use? Check out these 5 money-making apps to make some extra cash!

Some Of The Best Money-Making Apps:

1. Task Rabbit-Are you one of those people who enjoy running errands or completing everyday chores? Earn more than double minimum wage (up to $34/hour!) for doing people’s errands. Become a tasker and supplement your income in your available time!

2. Snap-Claim your grocery store rebates with this nifty app. If you’re going to buy groceries, you might as well cash in on them, right? Browse a list of available rebates and snap a picture of your receipt after purchasing the specific item(s) with the rebate. Snap then offers you the rebate that matches your purchase.

3. Mobee-Calling all you mystery shoppers out there! Mobee is all about completing missions. Create a profile and find what missions are located near you. Complete the mission (i.e. take a photo, complete a survey, etc.) and earn your points! These points are then redeemed for about a penny a point and can make you anywhere from $1.50 to $30.00!

4. SlideJoy-Turn your smartphone into a billboard with this money-making app! Create a profile on this app and allow ads to pop up on your home screen. Depending on how many times you check your phone (like a million and a half), you can make up to $10 per month!

5. Viggle-Viggle operates on a point system that rewards you with gift cards, downloads, and electronics. Simply hit the “V” button after tuning in to your favorite TV show or listening to your music, and start earning points!

Isn’t your smartphone a wonderful thing? Especially if it lets you earn some extra cash! Try these money-making apps and let us know what you think by leaving a comment below! Interested in other marketing news? Subscribe to our blog by clicking the “Smart Marketing” image below!

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