A few weeks ago, I took a weekend trip to the big city of San Antonio. Getting away from home is fun for lots of reasons, but one of my favorites is getting to see and try new things. I’m always up for a (well-planned) adventure.

It’s important to note, also, that I bought my first car entirely online. Literally I had it delivered to my door with minimal human interaction. Not because I have a problem with humans, but because I have a problem with salespeople. I’m sure they’re all good people, but I don’t like being pressured to buy anything. Like most people, I want a decision to be entirely my own, not influenced by some person I just met at a dealership. In fact, I recently purchased a new car (not online) and took the traditional dealership route. Let’s just say I regret it entirely and will never cross the threshold of another car dealership if I can help it.

This relates to my story, just give me a second.

We had a lot of fun plans that weekend in San Antonio, typical San Antonio tourist things like the Riverwalk, Top Golf, floating the river, etc. Put simply, we were tourists in various tourist-y hot spots, enjoying our time, when something caught my eye…


It looked like a giant glass tower filled with cars. Cars of all shapes, sizes, makes and models. Upon closer inspection, there was a screen that with just a few taps could tell you more about each type of vehicle. It was a car vending machine.

Yes, you read that right. A car vending machine. You pick the car you want, it comes down the glass tower and with a few clicks is all yours. No salesperson interaction required.

It’s called Carvana, and it’s changing the car buying game.

For a small town girl like me, this is mind blowing. This, my friends, is what life as we know it has come to. Machines delivering cars on demand.

Credible, Reliable, Relevant

What does this mean for you? (Besides making car buying much easier?) It means buying decisions are in the hands of the consumer. You, your business, your products, your services, have to be chosen. Gone are the days where you can push your business on a customer. Try doing that these days and they’ll simply go elsewhere. Make yourself a credible, reliable, relevant source and your consumers will do the rest.

How do you do that? With inbound marketing! As opposed to outbound marketing, inbound marketing attracts a consumer (and doesn’t “sell” them). Want to know more about how inbound marketing can work for your business? Ask us more today!

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