Continuing our weeklong “Marketing Q&A” blog series (catch up here if you’ve missed any), we’re answering a question we know you’ve wondered and maybe even asked. And we’re being very honest…

Can I Do A Website Myself?

Websites are necessary, but they’re also expensive. A website that will generate leads for your business and establish you as a leader in your industry will cost you some money. This leads some people to ask, “So can I do a website myself?”

Short answer: Yes.

Sure, you can do a website yourself. In fact, there’s quite a selection of “free” DIY website platforms you could use. But, let’s consider this option…

Think about your industry. You (hopefully) consider yourself a professional with a thorough knowledge of what you do. Your job is your “specialty.” More than likely, you consider your job something unique to you or the people working in your industry. Not everyone can do your job (or to the level that you do, anyways).

So, if someone were to approach you and say, “Well, all of this is real nice, but I can do it myself. Thanks anyways!” You would probably wish them luck and send them out the door (chuckling to yourself because you know they’ll be back).

“Easy & Free”

Absolutely you can. The resources available today make it “easy and free” for anyone to do! However, if you want a website done “right” you need to trust the professionals. Do you want a “homemade” website to represent your company? Probably not.

Trust the website experts at SDB to not only build a lead-generating, visually appealing, 24/7 salesman for your business, but to save you the struggle of creating a website yourself. You’ll be glad you did. Get started on your website project by submitting the form below!

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