Today the market is changing. Marketing is changing. One of the biggest questions we get is “Why do they call it inbound?”

I heard a statistic one time that the world of marketing had changed more in the past five years than it had in the past 50. Why is that? We live in an “on demand” society. If you think about the last time you watched a commercial all the way through, or the last time you listened to the radio without plugging in your Pandora or Sirius.

On demand simply means your customer finding you rather than you finding them. They are looking for a dentist or agency online, most likely they will take their search to Google. You just have to make sure your there, at the top nonetheless.

So how do you do that? We Google uses different algorithms to rate websites on who can be at the top. Most of this rating is through content. Let me explain:

A customer asks Google to find them an article on when and how they should start cleaning their children’s teeth. Well, Google is going to find them just that.

That is where content on your website comes in handy. Good thing, you just published a blog on Children’s teeth cleaning! And there’s your first client!

As you know content is only one of the few aspects to getting your company found online.

Stay tuned next week for more information on how else you can get your company “on demand” ready.

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