As an elective medical practice, an important factor to the growth and sustain of your business is building and maintaining client relationships. Once you’ve been found (find out how to Be Found In The Elective Medical Industry in our blog) and the patient has chosen to use you for their elective medial procedure, a conscious effort should be made to nurture that relationship to gain further business.


You’re a busy elective medical practice, how can you be expected to nurture patient relationships to build your business? There are several ways this can be done.

Post Procedure-Like mentioned in yesterday’s blog, Be Chosen In The Elective Medical Industry, a personal touch goes a long way! After a client has had a procedure, give them a follow-up phone call the evening of their procedure to check on them and answer any questions they may have. Receiving a personal phone call helps the patient feel cared for, which establishes a sense of sincerity. Breaking through your professional image to check on a patient is an easy way to maintain a patient relationship.

Email-After the procedure, add the patient to your email list. This email list should be segmented according to the patient’s (or future/possible patient’s) location in the buying cycle. List segments should include categories such as “Consultations”, “Scheduled Procedures”, “Past Patients”, among others you feel are necessary, specific to your practice. Send your email list segmented emails, specific to their need/interest. This email distribution can be done on a weekly, twice monthly, or monthly basis, depending on the content you create. This specific content is another way to build and maintain patient relationships.

Referrals-If a patient was happy  with their procedure and the results they see, they will more than likely be able to refer other patients to you. Encourage them to do this by providing them with an incentive. Consider various “referral packages”, gift cards, credit, cash, etc. In addition to a referral, a happy patient will probably be willing to offer a testimonial as well. Film them and create a video to add to your website and to share on social media.

Importance Of Patient Relationships

Never underestimate the power of a patient relationship. If the patient themselves is not a “repeat customer,” the chances are good that they will refer you to another patient. One of the best ways to build business in the elective medical industry is to nurture patient relationships.

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