Yesterday, we covered the importance of logo design. It should be recognized and reputable, right?


But how do you make it both recognized and reputable?


That’s where your marketing plan comes in.

What should your marketing plan include? And what’s the basis for this decision? Well, it’s all about where your customers are and how they’re consuming media.

Let’s get started shall we?

Your marketing plan should include 3 things:

1. Goals/objectives

2. Timeline

3. Implementation

Get Your (Marketing) Plan!

…from the experts at SDB!

Any good advertising agency can help you come up with goals and objectives for your marketing. However, determining the goals for your business are entirely up to you. Think about some goals you’d like to see for your marketing…

  • Form submissions
  • Website traffic
  • Phone calls
  • Foot traffic
  • Social media growth
  • Brand recognition

Of course, those are just some ideas. Once you’ve personally determined what you’d like to see, make those goals specific and give them a timeline. For example…

  • I want 2 phone calls from my website in the next month.
  • I’d like to see my website traffic increase 20% in 2 months.
  • I want my Facebook page to go from 25 “likes” to 200 “likes” in 3 months.
  • Now, ask yourself, are my goals attainable? Are they realistic?

This is where you may want the advice of a marketing expert, as most people don’t have the experience of setting and achieving marketing goals. However, you can always run your marketing plan and see what’s falling short and what’s going long and adjust your objectives accordingly.

As you can see, the first two items in a marketing plan (goals/objectives and the corresponding timeline) are critical components of measuring your marketing success. However, the third component, implementation is perhaps the most critical. Check back with us tomorrow for more information on marketing plan implementation!

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