What does it take to build a brand?

While I have never built a brand on my own, my team and I have worked together to build brands for our clients, as a lot of this is done through marketing. But what exactly is involved in building a strong, recognized, reputable brand?

I’m glad you asked! That’s what I’ll be covering this week as we discuss several marketing components that come together to create a brand.

Logo Design

Ever since I got into the world (career) of marketing, I’ve noticed logo design more. I don’t really know why, because I don’t specifically design logos, but they stand out to me. Why?

To me, the design of your logo says a lot about your business; as they essentially represent a brand. Upon seeing your logo, someone should instantly be able to recognize what it stands for, without seeing worlds. Logo language, if you will.

Because of this “logo language,” your logo design is a critical aspect of building a brand. Wouldn’t you agree?

Take the Nike Swoosh for example. You see that swoosh, and without seeing any word or phrase, you know it’s Nike. (You may even say to yourself, “Just Do It.”)

Be Recognized.

With our logo design, you can!

You want a logo that not only is recognizable, but also one that stands out. The huge mistake that I think people make when designing a logo is going off another brand’s logo. While that may be a logo you like, that one’s already taken. You want your logo to be unique to your brand. What’s the best way to do that?

Hire a designer.

No no no, you may say. I can design my own logo. After all, it’s my brand. Who knows it better than me?

While we would agree that your brand is your baby, sometimes it’s good to leave your baby with a professional for a little while. Let a third party expert come up with some ideas that they think would represent your brand well. They’ll give you some choices and you can go from there. This way, you’ll end up with a unique logo design that is polished and perfected by pros.

Have questions about building a brand or about logo design? Contact us via the form above! We’re happy to help!

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