In our “Building A Brand” blog series, we’ve discussed creating a logo and developing a marketing plan. But the next question arises…

How do I begin implementing marketing?

You have a logo and you have a plan…how do you get it going? Great question!

Before you begin implementing marketing for your business, you should determine which platforms you’re going to use to advertise your business. But how? You need to know where your customers are.

Know The Difference

First it’s important to know the difference between traditional and modern marketing.

Traditional – TV, radio, billboards, print, etc.

Modern – Online advertising, social media, email, website, etc.

Marketing Implementation Is Simple.

…with the help of SDB!

More than likely, the people you are trying to target are consuming modern media. We operate in a digital world and your marketing needs to adapt accordingly. Of course, implementing your marketing involves selecting which type of marketing you will actually be implementing. Which will you choose?

After determining which type of marketing you’ll be implementing, you need to decide which platforms to be on. Again, where is your audience??

Decisions, Decisions…

This takes a bit of research. For example, if you are looking to target women between the ages of 25 to 45, you may consider marketing on Pinterest. What about men and women 30 to 50? Facebook could be a good idea!

Let us be honest with you. Do you really want to do that research? You really want to choose which type of marketing is best for your target industry? You love selecting the platforms to advertise on, according to your target audience? You’re excited to create a presence on those platforms?

Probably not.

So hire the experts who know best! SDB Creative Group will take your brand to the top. Questions? Want to schedule a consultation? We’re here to help! Submit the form above!

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