Nowadays, brand loyalty seems to be almost nonexistent. However, I am somewhat of an obsessive person when it comes to the brands I purchase at the store. Colgate, Bounty, Puffs, Dasani…the list goes on of the brands I am extremely loyal to. Am I alone in this? Looks like buyers who practice brand loyalty like me are becoming less and less common.


One reason brand loyalty is not common anymore is convenience. For most people today, they make a purchasing decision based on what is going to be the easiest process. With Amazon and various shopping websites that send better-priced items straight to your door, the name on the product becomes less important.


Another reason brand loyalty seems to be a thing of the past is cost. Now, there are more generic brands than ever, offering virtually the same product for a fraction of the price.

For example, sparkling water seems to be all the rage right now and I am typically am very loyal to La Croix. I go to HEB the other day and see they have their own brand of sparkling water for over one dollar cheaper. I tried the cheaper version and it was in fact the same and saved me some change. Well done, HEB. Well done.

DIY Take Over

Now that anyone can make household items, ailment remedies, and even décor pieces with things around the house, brands that cost an arm and a leg have taken a back seat. Instead of paying for a shelf, or an air freshener for my home, I can make my own after watching or reading a step-by-step tutorial.

How Do You Keep Your Customers Loyal To Your Brand?

With so many options and competitors around, how do you keep your brand in front of your customers and remain their first choice?

  • Recognize your customers for being loyal to you and offer special offers to them.
  • Offer special promotions for returning customers.
  • Entice new customers with exceptional, educational, and informative content.

Keep Your Customers Coming Back!

SDB Can Help Create Loyal Customers For Your Brand!

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