It’s hard to believe that some small businesses still shy away from an online presence. Just Imagehaving a website is not enough these days. Some businesses rely solely on Facebook when there are so many platforms engaging different demographics. Even if your company does use social media to stay connected to your customers as well as generate leads for new business, maybe you’re feeling tired of keeping up with the changes. Let’s take a look at the benefits of your business developing a successful social media plan. Don’t get bored with social media. Maybe it will even re-energize you in your social media efforts!

  • Social Media drives repeat business by keeping your name in front of customers with more information about your company and products.
  • Social Media allows you to establish yourself as an expert. Blog, use message boards to answer questions, and become part of your community chat about your industry.
  • Social care is the new customer care. Using social media for your customer service is quicker as well as lower in cost compared to telephone and e-mail. Studies also show consumers with positive social care experiences are three times more likely to recommend the brand to others.*
  • Social media transforms the way consumers make purchasing decisions. Customers need to trust your company and your product before purchasing. Recommendations from friends encourage buying over any other type of advertising.
  • Social media allows you to monitor your on-line reputation. Just because you’re not on social media, doesn’t mean your customers aren’t. I assure you, they are.
  • Social Media works together with all your other marketing activities. No company should rely on social media solely, but as part of a complete well thought out plan designed to meet your customers and prospective customers where they are.

Each week we’ll be looking at social media platforms, discussing new players, changes in the ones you may already know about and how they can relate to your business.

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