Facebook Knows More Than You Think…

Attention humans, Facebook now knows more about you than you think!

As of the beginning of this month (October) Facebook has adapted a new networking program called Atlas. As described by Eric Johnson, head of Atlas, this is a “people-based marketing” plan, pulling your data from multiple devices together into one unique, anonymous ID. In a way, this could be described as your marketing fingerprint.


This networking system is taking over the concept of “cookies” which follow you everywhere you go, leaving trails of where you have been and what you do along the Internet. But cookies can be messy. Using cookies can be confusing for some advertisers and sometimes their ads may not be getting to the people they need it to. That is where Atlas comes in.

So what does Atlas do exactly? It takes information from your Facebook: things you like, people you know, what city you live in and is able to alter it’s advertising towards YOU. Creepy right? Let me explain a little more. For example, lets take a company using advertising to market their product such as 7up. Atlas will allow 7up not only to advertise to you on Facebook but other major websites you visit as well, such as ESPN and gaming sites.

We can look at Atlas as another form of Google Ad words, a way for advertisers to follow users across the web and their mobile devices.

No worries though! Facebook is promising to keep all information confidential and anonymous. This is just another way to help ads better target you and your lifestyle.

This is good news to all advertising companies, lets hope it’s the same for the consumer!

What do you think?

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