So you’ve heard all about why you should be blogging for your business (and if you haven’t, take a look at our latest blog, Blog To Grow Your Business). But as a cosmetic dentist, what should you blog about? Do you think you’re the only one who cares about teeth? Think again. Try these effective topics when blogging in the cosmetic dentistry field.

Show Patients Who You Are

Build trust by showing patients who you are, as a person, not necessarily the cosmetic dentist. Show people that your practice has a relatable, “human” side. After all, people love doing business with people, not companies. Answer questions like, what are you favorite hobbies? Why did you get into cosmetic dentistry? What’s your favorite tooth-friendly recipe? One of the many ways to do this blog is by having someone in your practice write it FOR you after a brief interview. This will give the blog post a more “outside looking in” feel, while still informing people about you on a personal level.

Establish Trust By Being Helpful

In any industry, but especially in any elective medical field, it is important to establish trust. One of the best ways to do this is by being helpful. After all, you are an expert. Create educational blog posts that will help your patients in some way. Think about what they’re searching for and create content based on their search (use an online keyword tool). Posts such as “how to improve your smile” or “tooth-friendly foods for a whiter smile” would be good examples when blogging in the cosmetic dentistry field.

An Offer They Can’t Resist

Think about something you can offer your patients. Maybe something like interest free financing, or a discount for teeth whitening and focus your blog post around that specific offer (if you need more ideas, see our offer checklist here). For example, if you are offering a “buy one get one teeth whitening special”, you may consider writing a blog on the impact of white teeth (how it affects you, self-confidence, health, etc.) and promote your offer at the end. Blog posts like this are best written after establishing credibility with the types of blog posts above. Gain their trust, they’ll read your blogs and then redeem your offer. They come in, see that they like you just as much in person as they do online and voila! they’re a lifetime patient. THAT is how blogging can help grow your business.

Using these blog ideas when blogging in the cosmetic dentistry field can not only help grow your business, but it can help make you a more credible, trustworthy cosmetic dentist.

Need some ideas for patient offers? Take a look at our checklist, 5 Offers Your Patients Can’t Resist by clicking the image below!

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