A business that doesn’t have a blog is a business that is missing out on a powerful tool to generate leads, increase sales and build rapport with their customers. If your business does not yet have a blog, you may have some questions: How does business blogging generate leads and sales?  Isn’t my website enough? Blogging takes time, why should I spend time and money to create and maintain a blog? These are good questions, so here is a comprehensive but by no means complete list of ways blogging will help your business get noticed and grow!

Top 5 Reasons You Should Be Blogging

1. People like to read blogs. It’s that simple. More specifically, they read 3 times more blog posts and social media posts than emails. People go to blogs for news and information, not just information.

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Which would you pick?

2.. Frequent blog posting attracts more traffic to your site. A lot more. A site that is updated frequently shows up more in searches, which brings your site more traffic.

3. Blogging allows customers and potential customers to become more familiar with your products and keep up to date on your latest news and offerings. If your blog provides answers to questions that your customers have, they will be more likely to purchase from you. If your competitors answer that question, they will purchase from them.

4. By blogging, you are creating brand recognition, and developing relationships with your readers.

5. Business blogging is one of the most effective inbound marketing strategies there is. The return on investment is much higher than with other forms of marketing.

As you see, blogging provides a valuable connection between you and you readers that leads to sales and return customers. It is an effective way to increase traffic and gain recognition for your brand. If you have not started your business blog, now is the time.

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