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You may have an interest in blogging and content publishing Austin, but why?

Because you’re one smart cookie, that’s why!


Blogging and content publishing is critical to the overall health and visibility of your website. Why? The content you publish is one of the best ways to show Google that your website is consistently updated (relevant) for your visitors. You see, Google is all about “customer experience.” In fact, they specifically program their algorithms (the little machines that find your site) to rank websites based on which ones will be most relevant to the visitor’s search.
As an example, let’s use this page you’re reading. Can you guess what search term it is optimized around?
Since you’re so smart, you probably guessed that it’s “blogging and content publishing Austin.” You would be right! So, if you, or someone who is looking for this term is looking up this service, we want to be the ones you find! Make sense?


Creating and publishing optimized content that’s relevant to your customer’s searches is not only important for visibility and ranking reasons, but for site maintenance too! Take your home as an example. Yeah, you buy the house, but it requires constant maintenance and cleaning for it to be in tip-top shape. You can’t just expect it to maintain itself! However, ignoring a website is a critical mistake made by so many businesses. A website is simply not going to be an effective tool if you don’t give it the attention it requires.
For your website to be the lead generating 24 hour salesman you want it to be, it’s critical that you publish content in the form of pages and blogs. Not only does this keep your site updated, but it’s also an excellent way to become a resource for your customers!

That’s what content marketing is all about!


Have questions about this process? We don’t blame you; it can get kind of confusing! That’s why it’s best to find a team of experts to handle your blogging and content publishing Austin.
That team is SDB Creative Group. Our job is to make sure that you’re not only found online, but that you’re ultimately chosen. How do we do this? With exceptional marketing, of course! We’d be happy to tell you more. Contact us today by giving us a call or filling out our form below!
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