Market Like a Boss 101

Do you know the difference between a boss and a supervisor? A boss assesses issues and comes up with solutions. A supervisor nags and tells you takes credit for others' work. Let us let you in on a little secret: no one likes a "supervisor." You can be a real-deal boss in a variety of [...]

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Coffee Before (Marketing) Talkie

When it comes to creating awesome marketing, there's a lot of talking to do. Whether you're hashing out SEO strategy, delving into graphics, or figuring out your vision, there's a lot to converse about. And what better way to have a chat than over coffee? So grab a cup, and let's enjoy a coffee before [...]

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What Is Paid Search Advertising?

If you're a business owner, chances are you have heard of paid search advertising. Also known as Pay-Per-Click (PPC) or Search Engine Marketing (SEM), paid search advertising is one of the best ways to attract customers who are willing and ready to buy. So how does paid search advertising work and how can you get [...]

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Whales, Crab Cakes, and Baked Beans, Oh My!

Whales, Crab Cakes, and Baked Beans, Oh My! I just got back from a wonderful trip to Maine. Having never been to Maine, I was very excited to go on a new adventure. I imagined vast blue waters speckled with white sailboats, aged lighthouses overlooking the ships coming into the harbor, bright red lobsters ready [...]

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My Hurricane Harvey Experience: A Flood of Social Media

I’m typing this as the Man Friend and I are driving down the highway. Destination: Houston. Yes, that Houston. The one that flooded recently. Where our family and friend live. Where my husband grew up. It’s been 11 days since Hurricane Harvey dumped a huge amount of water on Houston and the surrounding areas. The [...]

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Weathering The Storm: The Small Business’s Survival Guide For Hurricane Harvey

The Small Business’s Survival Guide For Hurricane Harvey 25% of businesses do not reopen after a major disaster. Don’t be another statistic. Institute for Business and Home Safety The recent devastation to the Lone Star State came in waves. Hurricane Harvey is determined to be the worst hurricane to hit the United States in the [...]

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Website… 6 Reasons Your Business Needs One

Your Business Needs A Website. But Why? As a business owner, you may have the idea that you don’t need a website.  You don’t see the purpose, or understand the benefit that it would provide.  Coming from a consumer and marketer standpoint, here at 6 reasons why you need a website. 1. Do Your Customers [...]

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Carvana: The New Way To Buy A Car

A few weeks ago, I took a weekend trip to the big city of San Antonio. Getting away from home is fun for lots of reasons, but one of my favorites is getting to see and try new things. I'm always up for a (well-planned) adventure. It's important to note, also, that I bought my [...]

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Lessons Learned From Facebook Live

And We're Live In 3...2...1... We've got some big news! Every week, our team here at SDB will be going live on Facebook! After streaming live several times now, we have learned some valuable lessons we'd like to share! Take your Facebook Live experience to the next level with these helpful tips! Location Location When potential [...]

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