Is Black Friday the “real deal” or just a marketing scam?

In recent PC World news, studies have come out that consumers aren’t really getting the bargains like they think they are. “The Black Friday label tricks consumers into sub-par deals, and that’s exactly why retailers love the Black Friday brand, hype, and hoopla.”

However, Forbes Magazine disagrees…

“Despite skepticism among many consumers—much of it due to an overload of information from retailers—there are significant Black Friday savings to be had. The question is how much time and effort the potential savings are worth to buyers.” -Forbes Magazine

So, maybe you can find some real deals on when you shop the Friday after Thanksgiving…but keep in mind that not EVERYTHING in the store will save you money. So if you plan on fighting the crowds, go in with a plan and hope to come out alive.


Black Friday versus Cyber Monday

If you’re like me, you’d much rather find savings from the comfort of your home, behind the screen of your computer. Yes, please! And thankfully, marketing companies have made this possible with “Cyber Monday.” (AKA the Monday after Thanksgiving when you can find some exceptional bargains online).

Last year 92 million people shopped the Friday after Thanksgiving, while 131 million people shopped the following Monday. That trend is expected to continue this year. And there’s a reason why: Cyber Monday brings savings that are 10% – 14% better than Black Friday. In addition, Cyber Monday does not have stock issues like Black Friday. AND you don’t have to fight the crowds?? I’m sold.

What’s your opinion on Black Friday versus Cyber Monday? We’d like to know! Comment in the form below!

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