I hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving! Mine was full of family, fun, and SO much food. However, one tradition I don’t take part in Black Friday. Don’t get me wrong: I love saving money. However, there’s no amount of money tempting enough to make me venture out with that many people. So let’s make the case of Black Friday versus Cyber Monday…and how they are a great analogy to the marketing world.

Let me explain…

Black Friday vs. Cyber Monday

Let’s start with terms and a little history.

Black Friday: Since 1952, this is generally considered the biggest shopping day of the year. Since 2010, the average shopper spends between $365 and $407…and there are between 212 and 249 million shoppers.

Cyber Monday: Cyber Monday is a term coined in 2005 by Ellen Davis. Though it’s a bit less glorified than Black Friday, there are often better deals on high quality items. You’re also not having to battle the craziness of the crowds. Additionally, the savings are generally store-wide as opposed to for specific items.

What’s Going On With Black Friday?

According to Reuters, fewer shoppers came out for this year’s event. “Net sales at brick-and-mortar stores fell 5.0 percent over the two days, while the number of transactions fell 7.9 percent.” However, there was a marked increase in online sales. For the first time, online sales broke $3 billion.

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How Is This Like Marketing?

While it’s sometimes necessary to need to hold, try on, or test an item before purchasing it, brick and mortar stores are beginning to become less relevant. In my mind, Black Friday is much like traditional media marketing. Marketers and consumers alike are beginning to move away from television, radio, and billboard advertisements.

Very much like Cyber Monday (and even Black Friday sales), the majority of advertising is moving digitally. From email marketing to online storefronts, SDB is well-versed in making sure that our clients stay on top of their marketing. It’s important to identify trends and other information to help our customers maximize their marketing potential. If you’re not quite sure where to start, contact us. We’re experienced in making sure you’re reaching your customers where they’re looking for you.

Welcome to the holiday season!

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