A Good Website.

I always love a good website. One that navigates well. Sticks out from the rest. And is at the forefront of creative design.

Here are a handful of my favorite designs and why:

1. New Zealand – http://www.newzealand.com/

Color! This page pops. It has simple and large links to guide you to what you might be looking for. The page continuously scrolls to bring you to different parts of the site without using a navigation bar. It makes you want to go to New Zealand right?!

New Zealand


2. Lamar – http://www.lamar.com/

Yes, yes I know, it’s a billboard company. But isn’t what they are supposed to be good at? Catching your eye? Yes. This site is all about sliders. Sliders/pictures are a great way to grab your audience’s attention. With the material continually changing on your site, the customer is going to stay a little longer; see what’s new.

Another great things about this home page is there is no need to scroll. Everything fits within your window. Social media links, navigation, it all fits. This makes it easy to get around the site.



3. Midland Polo – http://midlandpolo.com/

Polo: classy, clean, sophisticated. The grey hues give off a professional, balanced, calm feeling to the page. (check out our color psychology eBook to learn more about what colors can portray on your site). The site makes you want to join their club. Join the elite.

Midland Polo


4. Airbnb – www.airbnb.com

Have you guys heard of this cool company?! Not only is it a great idea but also a great site. Here the best part. The home page is made up of videos, not still pictures. It makes you want to sit and stay a while, see what other people are doing with their Airbnb experience. Crisp, professional footage ads value to the site. With all different cultures emphasizing the worldwide atmosphere. Check it out!



5. SDB Creative Group – www.sdbcreativegroup.com

I know, I know, it’s our site… but it’s new! Crisp, clean, fresh, new! With slider images that are also call to actions make it easy to get where you need. A constant color theme makes the site easy on the eyes and professional. As you scroll down you find further details about what we do and who we are. Everything you need to know about marketing your business. Check it out! Oh and don’t forget to follow us on social media!



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