Providing your employees with the best staff training can be a difficult process.  If you are having problems, it is most likely due to not having a systematic process in place for training.  I am not going to lie to you and tell you that putting a complete training program together is easy.  It takes a lot of work, and a lot of time and resources.  The positive is that if you take the time and put the work in to do it right, you will save hundreds, maybe thousands of hour of time in the future, and you will have employees who are better trained.

The Tribal Method

There is a good chance you are using the tribal method of training.  What is the tribal method?  Your new employees are assigned to mirror current ones, watching and learning everything they do.  This is the default training method for most small businesses because it is easy and doesn’t require much thought or effort on their part.  The big downside to this method is that your new employees are also learning bad habits that current employees have developed, and there is the potential for important information to be left out.

Here is an illustration of how the tribal method of training works.  If you have ever set around a campfire with a large group, you may have played a game where one person tells a phrase to the person sitting next to them.  This phrase keeps getting passed around the circle from person to person until it completes the circle.  The first person gives the group the original phrase, and then the last person follows with their version of the phrase.  Most of the time the circle bursts into laughter because the original phrase has been completely distorted into something completely different.  The same thing could be happening inside your company.

The Systematic Approach

Providing your staff with the exact same information in their training will yield much higher results, and prevent your message from being distorted.  How is this accomplished?  It must be written down or explained via video.  If you create this training content, everyone who goes through the training will be viewing the same material, eliminating the potential for it to be distorted.

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Your website is a perfect place to hold a significant amount of your training.  You can publish your training documents on password protected pages.  This is how are training is set up at SDB Creative Group.  Each document is viewed and followed by an online test that is submitted to a supervisor on completion.  The test is used to make sure that the new employee understands the material presented to them.  Each test is reviewed with the employee where questions can be asked by both the new employee and supervisor to make sure they fully understand the material.

Your training should be organized in a way that leads them from A-Z.  Here is an example of how you could organize the content of your training:

  • Employee Handbook
  • Company History
  • Business Philosophy
  • Business Model
  • Sales Process
  • Products and Services
  • Industry History and Knowledge
  • Competition
  • Position Specific Training
    • Sales – Sales Training
    • Administrative – Phone System
    • Etc.

The point you should get is that you start from 50,000 feet above and zero in on their specific job responsibilities.  The bigger point is that if you have all this information put together, it will be easier to give them the best staff training possible.  They will be able to start working and producing sooner.

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