Do you know your (business) neighbors? Whether you’re sharing space or resources, there are plenty of reasons to get to know the people around you. There are some serious perks of knowing your peers, including some neighborhood marketing benefits.

Origination Of This Idea (In My Head)

The Man Friend and I are in the middle of a move. We’ve lived in the same house for over six years. While we love it, we’ll be the first to admit: we don’t really know our neighbors. Granted, we don’t live in a super suburban area with lots of like-minded neighbors. Other than the occasional hello or discussion about community repair work, we haven’t had a lot of interaction. But that’s if you don’t count that one neighbor who would dress her dog and parade her up and down the street (and before you ask…no, that wasn’t me).

As we were moving into our new home, we were so pleased that our neighbors introduced themselves and they knew pretty much everyone on the block by name. We had lived there less than a week when they invited the Man Friend to join them for dinner (I haven’t moved in completely, yet). It was such a pleasant surprise. The whole interaction got me thinking about the benefits of neighborhood marketing and what it can do to boost your business.

The Benefits Of Neighborhood Marketing

Benefit #1: Pooled Resources

Hosting a block party? Looking to pool time and money for a local charity? Need help paying to get new signage put out front? Pooling your resources with your neighbors’ can not only accomplish goals, you can also offset some costs associated with those projects.

Benefit #2: Like-Minded Business People

Often times, particularly in areas with zoning requirements, businesses will be grouped together based on similarities. The likelihood of an industrial company being placed directly next to a restaurant is slim to none. That being the case, you’re more likely to have a physical address next to people who have similar business goals to you. Even if your industries are a little different, knowing your neighbors and discussing those similarities can help to drive traffic to your doors.

Benefit #3: An Open Door

Have you ever run into an issue you can’t quite figure out yourself? By knowing your neighbors, you may have a better solution than just saying “I don’t know.” Customers appreciate the “I know someone who may be able to help” solution SO much more. By connecting with your neighbors, you’re opening up referral resource and cross-marketing connections you wouldn’t have if you stayed isolated.

So there you have it. Be like Mr. Rogers and ask “Won’t you be my neighbor?” SDB is proud to be part of our neighborhood. When you need to borrow a cup of sugar (or talk about marketing), just knock on our door (or shoot us an email).

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