So far, you’ve learned that having a business page when using Facebook for business is essential. What else do you need to know when utilizing Facebook for business to optimize your online social presence and benefit your business? Let’s start with being social online.


How can you be social online? First, let’s remember that social media (obviously including Facebook) is social by nature. That means there is communication, engagement, interaction. If someone takes the time to post on, like, or share your page, make sure you interact with that person (positive or negative). Yes, it’s all done behind a keyboard without actual words (unless they’re to yourself), but social media is social.

Some businesses think that if there is a negative post or comment in regards to their business, it is best to ignore it or delete it altogether. That is NOT the answer. It is best to address the concern as quickly as possible to show you care. Not only to the person posting the negative comment, but also to your followers. If you address the concern in a positive way, or take care of the problem if you’re in the wrong (keeping in mind not to attack the person or situation), you are speaking volumes about your business. Don’t miss this opportunity to turn a negative situation into a positive one.

Get Social Online!

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Make sure that the notifications for your business page are on and set to alert you when your page gets a message, a post, share, comment, like, etc. It is important to have a couple of “administrators” assigned on your page to make sure every notification is seen/addressed. You may consider having an “on call” schedule. If a designated person is “on call,” it is their responsibility to address the notification.

When it comes to using Facebook for business, consistency is key. Post on a regular basis (5-7 times/week) and on days/times that your users are on Facebook. This information can be discovered using the “insights” feature (after your page receives 100 likes).

Plain & Simple

No doubt about it, your business HAS to be on Facebook. The honest truth is you’re losing business if you aren’t. Plain and simple. So what’s stopping you? Create a Facebook page for your business today. If your business is already on Facebook, begin optimizing your presence by continuing to follow our blog series, A Guide To Facebook For Business.

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