Bad websites make me sad.

You see, the thing about having a bad website is that you’re essentially turning away business. Don’t believe me? Picture this.

You’re out of town and searching for a cup of morning Joe. You’re obviously not familiar with the area, so you take your search to Google. A few sites show up, and you choose the one that’s closest to you. But before you take the risk of trying a new coffee shop, you want to check out their menu to be sure they offer what you like (there’s nothing worse than starting the day off without the right cup of coffee).

Upon clicking the link, you’re directed to something that resembles a website. The page consists mostly of white space, there’s no sidebar or top navigation, and certainly no link to a menu.

*cue disappointment*

Bad Website Got Ya Down?

Let us help!

You click off this waste of time website and find the next closest coffee shop. You follow their link and are yet again directed to another website. This time, though, the website not only has a bright button that directs to a menu, but their location, hours and even pictures displayed on their homepage! Additionally, their website is mobile-friendly, so that you can navigate it easily with just a few taps.

Would you look at that? You’re literally going out of your way to go to a coffee shop that has a better website.

That, my friends, is why you MUST have an awesome website. You simply don’t have an excuse to have anything less! While yes, that first coffee shop may have lost a few bucks in a coffee sale, they essentially gave business to their competitor. No one wants to do that!

This week, we’re giving you some signs that you have a bad website…but if you do, don’t worry! We’re telling you how to fix it.

(Call us.)

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