Well, this is my wrap-up. Instead of writing a consecutive series, I’ve kind of bounced all over the place. Can you really blame me, though? There are SO many interesting topics to discuss…it’s like I have blogger’s ADD or something. But I’ve really learned a lot since I started this back to basics series, as it’s given me an excellent foundation on which to build.

For someone who came in here knowing how to write, I expected it to be a simple task. However, it was an whole different adventure that originally expected. However, I always enjoy a challenge and having to learn from the ground up is always my best bet. I’m a big “I’ll do it myself” kind of learner…and writing this blog series was an excellent way to help me do just that.

Is Your Marketing Wrapped-Up?

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Just to summarize, this isn’t a complete list by far. There is SO much more that goes into having a great website, blog, and social media presence. It’s a combination of so many things to basically build a perfect storm for greatness. I was able to break down some of the most basic concepts in creating that greatness…and in turn, I learned a little bit more about what I needed to do to help contribute to that as a professional in the marketing industry (it feels really awesome to be able to say that, too!).

Rehashing my previous blogs, we discussed content, audience, SEO, and simplicity. Sounds easy, right? These are just four pieces to that puzzle, albeit important ones. I’ve honestly really enjoyed researching these topics to expand my knowledge. With this series, I learned how to crawl before I walked, float before I swam, and reintroduced myself to what a football is, actually.

To finish this out, here’s my summary in numbers:

  • One six-part blog series (plus countless other single-topic blogs written).
  • Four great coworkers.
  • Three books read on SEO/web basics/etc.
  • Two months at SDB.
  • Two helpful bosses.
  • A set of purple business cards, oh happy day!
  • One happy little content strategist who feels confident in what she’s doing. I’ve totally got this!
  • And a partridge in a pear tree (just kidding).
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Amanda's brain for business and love of words combine to make her an ideal fit as a Content Strategist for SDB Creative Group. She enjoys collaborating with clients and coworkers alike to create the perfect combination of information and fun. Amanda is the mama to three adorable fur babies and an "Ammay" to multiple nephews and nieces. In her spare time, she's a world traveler, a culinary adventurer, and always has her nose in a book.