Hi there. My name is Amanda. I’m a West Texas native, a college graduate, a professional woman, an avid reader, and…a newbie to marketing. I joined the SDB Creative Group team just a week ago and I’m already testing out the waters of the deep end of the pool. The problem is this: before going off the high dive, it’s really important to at least know how to just float. Over the next few weeks, we’re just going to float together and get back to the basic fundamentals of marketing.

Vince Lombardi was a coaching great. He never had a losing season during his NFL tenure and is known to this day for his positive attitude, open mindedness, and appreciation for coming back to the basics. In his book When Pride Still Mattered: The Life of Vince Lombardi, author David Maraniss writes, “He began a tradition of starting from scratch, assuming that the players were blank slates who carried over no knowledge from the year before…He began with the most elemental statement of all. ‘Gentlemen,’ he said, holding a pigskin in his right hand, ‘this is a football.’”

Wait, I'm Confused About How Football Relates To Marketing...

Don't worry, we'll tell you how!

Running a business is very similar to coaching. Many pieces have to work together to complete the puzzle and marketing makes up a significant chunk of that picture. There’s so much more to it than handing out free pens to customers or setting up a Facebook page. There are algorithms and site requirements and keywords. However, amidst all of those details, it’s incredibly easy to lose sight of some of the most important, yet simple, concepts of marketing. Those building blocks, as plain and boring as they may appear, are critical components to creating a successful marketing plan.

So, for the next few weeks, let’s erase the details and go back to the basics of a great marketing strategy. I will simply say: This is a football.

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Amanda's brain for business and love of words combine to make her an ideal fit as a Content Strategist for SDB Creative Group. She enjoys collaborating with clients and coworkers alike to create the perfect combination of information and fun. Amanda is the mama to three adorable fur babies and an "Ammay" to multiple nephews and nieces. In her spare time, she's a world traveler, a culinary adventurer, and always has her nose in a book.