This week, social media is meeting business in a delightful combination we like to call social media marketing. So follow along as we give you some social media insider tips you can use to benefit your business! If you avoid these social media mistakes, you’re on the road to being social media savvy!

Social media is easy & anyone can do it, right?

The truth is, without the proper planning, there are several social media mistakes that can end up costing you money and hurt your brand. When done right, social media can help expand your personal and company brand. It is important that you don’t put your social media on autopilot and neglect it. Social Media takes a lot of care and feeding.
Here’s a list of five common social media mistakes you should avoid:

Social Media Mistake #1

Not customizing your message to the social network.
How many times have you seen @ signs on LinkedIn? Probably a lot. Do you pay attention to those messages when you know they are for another social network? Probably not. Are you really going to read an article about LinkedIn tips that’s been posted on Twitter? Remember to cater your to the platform. Don’t create a post for Facebook and then use the exact same post for Twitter. Not many will click past your 140 characters to read the rest. This social media mistake will get your info passed over quick.

Social Media Mistake #2

No strategy.
Have you ever asked yourself why you are on Facebook? What about Twitter? Are the people your company trying to reach on that social network? Are your friends still on Facebook, or have they left for another platform like Instagram? With whom are you trying to communicate? Before you or your company joins a social media platform, ask yourself: Why do it? If you can answer this question, you can avoid the social media mistake.

Social Media + Business =

A Delightful Marketing Combination!

Social Media Mistake #3

One-way communication.
Social media is not a platform to blast messages. It is a way for people and brands to listen, learn, and engage. How often do you see a brand or person never respond to a post or a message they sent? How often do you see questions or concerns go unanswered by brands and people? It shows a lack of understanding the true essence of social media: being “social.” Don’t let this social media mistake cost you followers.

Social Media Mistake #4

Selling and selling and selling…
Social platforms are not for selling. People won’t follow your page for just a sales pitch and they will recognize this social media mistakes right away. They join them to converse, see what others are doing, and learn about the world. What do you do when you see companies or people spending too much time talking about themselves? Share funny stories, content by industry experts. Create and look for information your followers can share too. Strike a balance of content that promote others, you and your company once in a while.

Social Media Mistake #5

Inconsistent or no posts.
How many times do you see a company create a social network, but they haven’t posted in months or years? The page looks like a ghost town or maybe you’ve gone out of business? If your Twitter account still has an egghead, you may want to rethink your strategy or lack of. Inconsistent posting on social sites can say more to your followers than what you are actually posting and are one of the social media mistakes most often seen. Would you work with a company that didn’t care about its social media presence? How you would be treated as a customer? Would you get neglected as well? Facebook is a good platform to plan posting at least once a day, unless there is an event or contest you are promoting. Twitter is a much faster moving feed, so several times a day is beneficial. The professional platforms, such as LinkedIn, are fine for 2 to 3 times per week.
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