About Amanda Gray-Nettleton

Amanda's brain for business and love of words combine to make her an ideal fit as a Content Strategist for SDB Creative Group. She enjoys collaborating with clients and coworkers alike to create the perfect combination of information and fun. Amanda is the mama to three adorable fur babies and an "Ammay" to multiple nephews and nieces. In her spare time, she's a world traveler, a culinary adventurer, and always has her nose in a book.

Market Like a Boss 101

Do you know the difference between a boss and a supervisor? A boss assesses issues and comes up with solutions. A supervisor nags and tells you takes credit for others' work. Let us let you in on a little secret: no one likes a "supervisor." You can be a real-deal boss in a variety of [...]

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Coffee Before (Marketing) Talkie

When it comes to creating awesome marketing, there's a lot of talking to do. Whether you're hashing out SEO strategy, delving into graphics, or figuring out your vision, there's a lot to converse about. And what better way to have a chat than over coffee? So grab a cup, and let's enjoy a coffee before [...]

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My Hurricane Harvey Experience: A Flood of Social Media

I’m typing this as the Man Friend and I are driving down the highway. Destination: Houston. Yes, that Houston. The one that flooded recently. Where our family and friend live. Where my husband grew up. It’s been 11 days since Hurricane Harvey dumped a huge amount of water on Houston and the surrounding areas. The [...]

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Mirror Marketing: Is It Okay To Copy Competitors?

Did you take advantage of Amazon's Prime Day, their version of Christmas is July for Prime members? While it's not as good as Black Friday or Cyber Monday (but what is?), it's a great chance to snag some swag. However, when I opened my email up yesterday morning, I was floored at how many other companies jumped [...]

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The Sprint To The Top Comment

If you're an avid social media user (all of us at SDB are, obviously), you're aware that it's a great medium for interaction. Click on any national news story and  you'll see hundreds of comments. Ever noticed that the top comment seems to garner the most attention? Some companies are now vying for that spot, [...]

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Ask Amanda: Marketing Success Or Sinking Ship?

Hey Amanda, I'm a little worried about my marketing plan. While some of our goals are successful (we're driving business to our website), others don't appear to be working as well (social media growth). It's really frustrating to see numbers in the red on our reports. Can you help? Signed, The Captain Who Is Possibly Going [...]

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Ask Amanda: Competitor Etiquette

Hey Amanda, I'm completely floored. I just found out that someone who works in the same industry as I do was trashing me on social media. They didn't use my name, but the situation mentioned was too similar to be coincidental. How do I handle this? Signed, Social Media Side-Swiped Dear Side-Swiped, I hate it when [...]

Can You Erase Bad PR?

Love them or hate them, the Kardashian-Jenner clan is everywhere. They are all over social media, the "news," and the rest of the Internet. However, most recent K-J news hasn't been so great. Kendall Jenner's recent Pepsi ad has gone viral in the worst way possible. One has to ask the question: can you erase bad [...]

The Benefits Of Neighborhood Marketing

Do you know your (business) neighbors? Whether you're sharing space or resources, there are plenty of reasons to get to know the people around you. There are some serious perks of knowing your peers, including some neighborhood marketing benefits. Origination Of This Idea (In My Head) The Man Friend and I are in the middle [...]

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