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Marketing Horror Stories: The Tale of The Traditional Media Travesty

We're continuing to share our marketing horror stories in honor of Halloween. This one is about the travesties a man came upon by only using traditional media techniques. Read on if you dare... *Cue the thunder, lightning, and scary music ( oh, and the scary laugh) The Tale Of The The Traditional Media Travesty Stan was [...]

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Saturday, Sunday & Sales: Why Weekends Are The Best Time For Mobile Marketing

Yet again I've blinked my eyes and the weekend is over already. We may all live different lives and have different weeks, but EVERYONE looks forward to the weekend. While most people take a breather from the hustle and bustle that the week brings, you may be surprised to find out that the weekend is [...]

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Nextdoor For Business Is Coming…What It Means For You

Need To Borrow A Cup Of Sugar? There's An App For That. Well…maybe not an app for sugar specifically, but close. Nowadays, we’re connected to our neighbors more than ever before with the help of Nextdoor, an app that’s taken neighborhoods by storm. The private social network allows residents to communicate with each other and [...]

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Are Your Customers Wasting Time Reading Your Content?

What Should Your Content Do? If your business is doing things right, you're consistently pumping out fresh, relevant, informative content for your current and potential customers. But how do you know all of that content is fulfilling what your customers need? Are your customers wasting time reading your content? Let me give you an example [...]

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What Google, Q-Tip, & Post-Its Have In Common

"Google It." We've all heard it, we've all said it, and Google is not happy about it. Here, we'll talk about brand recognition and how we commonly use brand names everyday without realizing it! HBD Google So this week, Google celebrated its coming of age birthday on Tuesday! Happy belated 18th Googs, what would we [...]

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Instagram's Rise To Fame & What It Means For Advertisers

Being a content strategist I am constantly spending my work day on various social media sites on behalf of clients, creating fresh content and publishing a multitude of relevant and visual posts. When the work day is over, you would think my personal social media would not sound appealing to me, right? Wrong. I'm a [...]

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Press Play>The Importance Video Plays In Your Marketing Plan

You're scrolling through your social media catching up on the world. You scroll pass boring text, read half of it and move on. Then you pass a photo, glance at it, and forget what you just saw. Now you come across a video. It begins playing as you scroll. It grabs your attention, you can't [...]

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Marketing Trends vs. Marketing Fads: Why You Should Know The Difference

When you market your business, it's important to be up to date with not only your audience, but the marketing industry as a whole. Marketing fads and marketing trends are constantly hot topics and deserve attention. It's vital to stay up to date and to know the difference between marketing fads and trends to successfully [...]

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Build A Successful Email For Your Audience

In the wonderful world of digital marketing, there are many facets that prove to be a "must-have" in your marketing plan. You can’t go without fresh content, social media management, or digital advertising. But one other facet that sometimes is underestimated is the power of email marketing. But how do you go about creating a [...]

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Why Is Brand Loyalty Decreasing?

Nowadays, brand loyalty seems to be almost nonexistent. However, I am somewhat of an obsessive person when it comes to the brands I purchase at the store. Colgate, Bounty, Puffs, Dasani…the list goes on of the brands I am extremely loyal to. Am I alone in this? Looks like buyers who practice brand loyalty like [...]

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